Construction machinery and agricultural machinery are expected to become bright

RELEASE TIEM:2018-11-07


In its investor relationship record released on November 5, Zoomlion said that construction machinery and agricultural machinery products are expected to become the highlights of the company's performance growth next year.
Zhonglian Zhongke said that the construction machinery industry has entered the "post-excavator era" after two years of rapid development of excavators. The company's product structure support will make Zhonglian Heavy Branch one of the best performance elasticity construction machinery enterprises in the next two years, and the market share of various core products will steadily increase. The company is short board products earthmoving machinery will also force in 2019 years to achieve production target of 5000 units. At the same time, in 2019, the aerial work platform plate will also achieve mass production. The company will speed up the expansion of the industry through intensive and extension strategies, actively seek the M&A opportunities of foreign advanced enterprises, and ensure that high-starting products effectively occupy the market.

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